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Student orientation

All the resources you’ll need in one convenient place.

Your success starts here

In this handy toolbox, you have access to all the helpful resources and support you’ll ever need to rise to the challenge of earning your degree. Give this page a scroll and find everything from help with math or writing that essay, to building a support group with other students and alumni, to career services or help dealing with life’s hurdles—everything you need to rise, it’s all right here.  

Student with headphones and laptop doing schoolwork
Student with child using laptop to do schoolwork

Onboarding Checklist

This checklist highlights all the basics—what you need to know before you dive into your classes.

Laughing student in front of laptop

Student Portal

Log in to your student account, participate in your classroom and find all your coursework here.

Student looking intensely at laptop screen

Find regularly updated and expanded online information through an outstanding collection of textbooks, scholarly journals and more.

Student using tablet and laptop to complete schoolwork

Develop your skills and build confidence in math with a helpful refresher that covers everything from basic math terms to calculus.

Student looking up from writing assignment

Gain exceptional writing skills through help with everything from brushing up on grammar basics to putting the finishing touches on a paper.

Closeup of a hand putting a penny in a piggy bank

Education is an investment in yourself, your dreams and your future. Here, you’ll learn how to borrow responsibly, discover the financial options available to you, use the handy tuition calculator, find information on tuition assistance—and more.

Side view of  student doing work on laptop

Here you’ll find our full library of helpful, informative articles – from advice on how to be a successful working student, to tips on managing your finances or taking effective notes in class – everything you’ll need to rise.

Two students talking while using a tablet computer

You’re never alone—get the help you need to maintain your well-being, manage your student obligations, and find balance between work, school and life.

student in suit jacket handing a paper to someone

Discover what you want to do with your career and develop skills and connections necessary to help get you there.

student working on laptop with female student reading in background

Learn more about what to expect and what’s expected of you in the classroom and find out what your day-to-day life will be like as a student. With flexible schedules, online programs, and an interactive environment, you’ll see how we make taking your classes convenient.

Smiling student on laptop at table with another student looking on in background

Make lasting connections, experience personal and professional growth, and enhance your overall University experience through participation and collaboration.

Mentor in a shirt and tie helping a smiling student looking at laptop

Connecting students to alumni volunteers for one-on-one mentorships, networking, inspiration, motivation and more.

Smiling student at graduation giving another graduate a hug

Once a Phoenix, always a Phoenix—and this rings true from the day you take your first class to after the diploma is in your hand. Our massive alumni network, full of like-minded individuals, can be your greatest asset toward success.